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Bizagi version 10.6.1 had some security changes that included not allowing the admon user to login in Production environments. This is because this account is very well known by end users and it has high privileges.

Keep in mind that this account is no longer available to log in to Production environments, and it cannot be disabled, because it is used internally for several tasks. We recommend giving administrator permissions to another user in Production environments.

If you don't have a user with administrator permissions, follow the guidelines described in this article to temporary login as admon user to give administrator permissions and privileges to another user.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.6.1 or higher


This procedure must be performed by a user with privileges to manage the Web Site and the Database

1. Stop the IIS Service and the Scheduler service

2. Change the authentication to Basic Authentication using Management Console as described in: http://help.bizagi.com/bpmsuite/en/index.html?users_administration.htm

3. Change the domain of some of the existing users to “domain” in the database, using the following sentence

SET domain = ‘domain’
WHERE idUser = X; --id user of your choice

4. Restart the IIS Service and the Scheduler service

5. Login in the Work Portal using the user domain/admon and the respective password.

6. Give Administrator permissions to any user as described in: http://help.bizagi.com/bpmsuite/en/index.html?users_administration.htm

7. Stop the IIS Service and the Scheduler.

8. Reverse the update made in step 3 using a similar query but setting your current domain.

SET domain = ‘YourDomain’
WHERE idUser = X --id user previously changed

9. Restart the services 


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