Project could not be created: your Server's IIS configuration does not have some required components (as enabled).

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Creating a Bizagi project fails.

A Project could not be created: your Server..." error that points out to missing configuration at the IIS is thrown. This error message can be seen especially when looking up the Bizagi Server Operations Service's log (by default found as a BizAgiOperationServiceTrace_xxxx.log located at C:\Program Files\Bizagi\ServerOperationsService\). 

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Bizagi .NET versions


Creating a new Bizagi project is not possible, either with Bizagi Studio or the Management Console. Several errors are displayed at screen, and the Bizagi Server Operations Service's log details the following:

[DateTime] None     INFO OPERATION----------- SERVICE------------- Project could not be created: your Server’s IIS configuration does not have some required components (as enabled).
<a href="">Click here for more information about installing IIS and enabling its required components.</a>


Bizagi does not support creating projects in Web sites having the HTTPS protocol enabled. Nevertheless after the creation of a project, the protocol can be enabled and this does not affect the runtime or upgrading the project.


1. Open the IIS Manager and click on the Default Web Site and open the option bindings, located at the right panel and remove the HTTPS binding.

2. Create your Bizagi project. For more information, refer to

3. Add the HTTPS binding that was deleted on step 1.

4. Restart the IIS and its services either from the options using the IIS Manager or by opening a command prompt (with administrator privileges) and running: IISreset.

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