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When attempting to retrieve information from an OData resource, you get a Route not found for url ... error message. 

Details specify a 404 Not found exception (of the ODataException type), as show in the sample image below.

Applies to

Bizagi 11.x versions.


This error is displayed from an external application such as Postman, when attempting to retrieve information from the Bizagi OData services.

The error is shown regardless of the resource you are attempting to target.


This problem is a 404 not found excepction occuring because the inputted URL does not match the expectations.

Ensure that the URL is not malformed, has any typos or additional characters such as described next in the solution.


You will need to ensure that you are targetting the OData source without an ending slash character.

To do this and for the next example, switch from:


To simply use the same URL but without the final character


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