Time limit for the asynchronous activity has expired

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Among the parameters you can configure for asynchronous tasks, there is an option that sets the time limit in which the task should be executed before the system cancels its execution. A low value in this parameter means a short term to execute the task. This can result in a bigger chance of getting a timeout error.

If a task shows errors because the time limit of execution is reached, you can set a higher value to give more chance for running the task. It is also important to consider that may be other external reasons that could cause the delay.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x and 11.x


An error is displayed in the Asynchronous Task Console when retrying the execution of a task. The following message is shown:

Time limit for the asynchronous activity has expired


The timeout term was exceeded during the execution of an asynchronous task


It is necessary to check the configured values for the activity and increase the timeout value if possible.

To increase the timeout value from Bizagi Studio, follow these steps:

1. Open the Process Model and select the affected asynchronous task.

2. Open the task basic properties by right clicking on the task, then choose Properties.

3. In the Basic tab, search for the Timeout option and adjust the parameter as you consider.

If the timeout value was modified but the error remains, it is advisable to validate the reasons of the delay in the task; check the logs in the Event Viewer, these provide more information and can help you to identify any external causes.


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