Use auto testing tool via https protocol

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This article provides the scripts and the instructions to enable the Auto testing tool for projects with HTTPS protocol.

Applies to

All versions.

What you need to do?

Follow the next steps in order to use your Auto testing Tool via HTTPS Protocol. Please note that all scripts must be executed selecting the option Run as Administrator.

1. Download and unzip the folder

2. Generate the Authority Certificate: Run S01-CreateCA.bat as Administrator. This script will request for a password, you may use the password you like. Once you use a password, the same is needed for the following steps.

3. Generate the Application Certificate: Run S02-CreateCertServ.bat as Administrator.

4. Register the port for secure communication: Run S03-RegisterPort8096.bat as Administrator.

5. Enable secure access without validation from localhost:

a. Open a new tab on Google Chome and type the following URL: chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost

b. Enable Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.


We recommend you to use Google Chrome to record your scenarios with the Auto testing Tool.

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