Using a different Java [JAVA_HOME] as employed by default

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When using Bizagi's JEEConsoleManager for command line options, such as generating the .ear application, the JEEConsoleManager will rely on your local machine's JAVA_HOME definition (environment variable).

In scenarios where you have more than one installed Java, or your JAVA_HOME is set to use a version higher than that one supported by Bizagi, you may redefine the Java version that the JEEConsoleManager will use.

This information possibly most helpful when wanting to generate Bizagi's .ear application (commands such as createproject, predeploy, etc).

Applies to

Bizagi JEE. All Versions.

What you can do?

Edit the startconsole file located in the BizagiConsoleManagerJEE bin's folder:

Notice that you should edit the startconsole.bat file or file according to your OS.

Edit it so that you modify the set JAVA_HOME property to the location having your desired installed Java version:



The example above shows how to modify the employed JAVA_HOME to a JDK 6 version.

Save changes and close the file.

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