Verify the version of your installed Bizagi Studio or Bizagi Management Console.

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In some cases, you may need to verify the version of your installed Bizagi Studio or Bizagi Management Console for support or migration purposes. The following guideline will show you how to get the exact version number of your Bizagi regardless of whether you have a project or not.

Applies to

Bizagi Studio / Bizagi Management Console

What you need to do?

  • If you have a project in your Bizagi Studio / Bizagi Management Console, just open any of your projects. The starting splash will display the product version:
  • If your project is already opened locate the Help tab in the Ribbon. Select the option About.  This option will display a window with the current version of your product:
  • If you don’t have any project in Bizagi Studio nor Bizagi Management Console, go to the installation folder of your product (Normally located in C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\Studio\ for Bizagi Studio and C:\Program Files\Bizagi\Bizagi Studio\MC\ for Bizagi Management Console) and locate the corresponding executable file (BizAgiStudio for Bizagi Studio and BizAgiMC for Bizagi Management Console)

Right click over the executable file of the product and select properties. Then, go to Details tab, this tab will display the product version:


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