Videos in .mp4 and .mov formats cannot be reproduced in iPads

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Videos in .mp4 and .mov formats cannot be reproduced in iPads


The error occurs when a video is captured and uploaded in a FileUpload control. When trying to reproduce this video in an iPad, it is not possible to view the footage and a Play button in a cancelled state is shown instead:

Video error image

Applies To

Automation Server (on-premises only)


The mobile application server is unable to recognize .mp4 or .mov video formats.


There is a problem in the server’s infrastructure that hinders communication between the mobile application and the BPM server when trying to reproduce videos in .mp4 or .mov formats correctly. As it is not possible to do a fix in the application or the BPM server to solve the issue, the server’s infrastructure needs to be modified via the Registry Editor.


To solve the error, follow these steps:

1.     Open the Registry Editor.

Video error solution step 1

2.     Expand the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT node and look for the .mov and .mp4 records.

Video error solution step 2

 3.     If such records exist, delete them. To do this, right click the record name and the select the Delete option.

Video error solution step 3


Video error solution step 4

4.     Once you have done this, import the mov.reg and mp4.reg files (both files can be downloaded here).

Video error solution step 5


Video error solution step 6

 5.     Windows imports the data from the files and displays a confirmation message.

Video error solution step 7



  • It is advisable to restart the server to ensure that the modified settings were applied.
  • It is recommended to upload a new video in the form before attempting its reproduction, as the video’s metadata might be corrupted.
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