Unable to upload files larger than 1 MB


End users are unable to upload files larger than 1 MB.

Applies to

Bizagi 10.x


End users are not able to upload files larger than 1 MB, even when the maximum upload file is configured in Studio or Management Console.
If you need more information regarding this configuration, refer to: http://help.bizagi.com/bpmsuite/en/index.html?enviroments_configuration.htm


Some browsers are not able to resolve the configuration set in Studio or Management Console, for the maximum uploading size.


1. Open Bizagi Studio, locate Bizagi Environment Options and select Advanced.

2. Locate Upload Max File Size (bytes) parameter and change its value to 1048576.

3. Edit in file web.config  found in C:\Bizagi\Projects\[ProjectName]\WebApplication\

4. Add a child node tag to the existing node <system.web>, called: <httpRuntime>.

5. If the <httpRuntime> tag already exists then edit it and add an attribute called maxRequestLength. Assign its value to the desired maximum upload file size, provided in kilobytes (KB).

6. If the attribute already exists, then change its value. You can also add the executionTimeout (given in seconds) attribute in order to restrict the maximum service time dedicated to delayed requests (optional).

7. The <httpRuntime> tag should look like this:

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="240" maxRequestLength="20480"/>

Notice in this example, httpRuntime has a value of 20MB.


For IIS version 7.

Add or override the maxAllowedContentLength property located in requestLimits attribute within requestFiltering tag. This tag shoul look like this after the edition:

<system.webServer>                                                                                    . . .
<requestLimits maxUrl="8192" maxQueryString="4096" maxAllowedContentLength="20971520"/>
                . . .


1. Locate the distributable EAR file delivered by Bizagi for your server.

2. Open the file using a compressor utility as WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.

3. Locate the web.xml file in BizAgi-war.war\WEB-INF folder and pen it using the text editor of your choice.

4. Locate the uploadMaxFileSize parameter and change its value to "20m" which corresponds to 20 MB.

5. Save the file and deploy the modified EAR to your server.