Install JCE manually


When experimenting problems while encrypting or decrypting assertions, you may need to install JCE (Java Cryptography Extension) manually.

This is so because some applications, such as identity providers involved in a Federated authentication, use strong encryption algorithms. 


Before moving on, make sure you have configured the Federate authentication as illustrated at

Note that your identity provider should support the protocols and versions listed as requisites.

Applies to

Bizagi .JEE 10.7 or later.


1. Stop your Bizagi JEE Server.

2. Download the official JCE from Oracle's web site at

3. Locate the path where the Bizagi JEE Plug-in was installed (by default C:\BizagiJEE\[Bizagi_version]\jdk6\jre\lib\security\).

4. Replace in there, the local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar files,  with the ones downloaded in the JCE.

5. Start your Bizagi JEE Server.